Last Week in Fediverse – ep 62

A bit of a quieter news week, especially after last week’s business with Threads’ open beta for federation and Fediforum, with a variety of smaller news items. So let’s dive into this week’s news:

The News

Fediverse event planning platform Mobilizon transfers ownership, from Framasoft to Kaihuri. Framasoft (who also develops PeerTube) has been developing Mobilizon for the past few years, and feels that they have achieved their vision. The Kaihuri association has obtained funding from the NLnet organisation for futher developement.

@Oliphant has maintained the Oliphant’s blocklists over the last few years. He has been working together with IFTAS on the upcoming FediCheck project. FediCheck is a Web service from IFTAS that allows service providers to review and subscribe to external sources such as the IFTAS CARIAD database for automated updates. @Oliphant says about his blocklist project that “project I’m doing is an “interim step on the road to something better.” FediCheck is the “something better”, at least so far as what I can contribute.” As such, future work on the Oliphant blocklist will be minimal, and more information on this will be out soon.

Mastodon’s upcoming new release will feature ‘severed relationship’ notifications. Mastodon CTO Renaud Chaput explains that these notifications will appear when a moderator or admin blocks a user or a whole domain and this action caused you to loose some follows or followers. Screenshots how this will look like available here. There will also be new ways to filter your notifications. The new update, version 4.3, is expected to be released in the next 6 to 8 weeks.

A short update on statistics about Threads: Threads’ legal department denied the request to share NodeInfo data, according to Daniel Supernault, who maintains Mastodon’s CTO Renaud Chaput meanwhile indicates that knows about 2800 Threads accounts who have turned on federation. While the server does not know about all Threads accounts, it does provide a good indication of roughly the amount of Threads accounts that have turned on federation.

WeDistribute wrote about the decision by the maintainer of to only list instances that do not federate with Threads. The article has a good explainer of the situation, but what stands out to me is that this is another small step towards understanding the fediverse as multiple fediverses instead.

John Spurlock has given an extensive write-up of the current state of work on ActivityPub and podcasting. It is a subject that deserves significantly more attention, something that I hope to get to soon. For people who are interested in a deep dive on the subject, the write-up by Spurlock is excellent.

Sora, an iOS fediverse client for Mastodon, the Forkeys as well as Bluesky keeps pushing the boundaries of innovation in fediverse clients. Last week on Fediforum the developer showcased how Sora has client-side algorithmic feeds that are customisable.. The latest update is a ‘fediverse watch tab’, a scrolling feed of fediverse videos.

The Links

  • FediTest, a framework to help fediverse developers test, has some new information about the feedback they’ve received.
  • The Pixelfed for Android Beta is now available.
  • Out of fediforum came plans to set up a working group for the Forasphere/Threadiverse. The first Technical Alignment Meeting will be on April 4th, 18.00 UTC.
  • Mangane, a custom front-end for Akkoma, has a new update, which includes to option to schedule post deletion.
  • Macstodon is a Mastodon client for vintage Macintosh computres, and includes “Toot-to-Speech” technology.
  • An overview of fediverse developer resources by the Emissary developer.
  • Share Openly is a prototype to help people share to the fediverse.
  • An interview with Manton Reece about
  • The bi-weekly update of the Lemmy developers on their work.
  • This week’s updates for fediverse servers, clients and tools.
  • Flipboard published a blog post explaining why creators should pay attention to what’s happening in the fediverse.
  • On cross-posting from Mastodon to Lemmy.
  • You can now follow each channel on Streaming service Nebula on the fediverse via

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